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New build



We are solution pioneers –
dedicated to responding to growing challenges.


What we offer:


+ Worldwide turnkey projects
+ New build project management department providing personalised support at all stages
+ A dedicated contact person, one-to-one, throughout the entire process and even after delivery
+ Traditional German craftsmanship combined with the latest technologies and innovative materials
+ Quality management – own research laboratory: material tests, feasibility studies
+ Complete in-house process: from design, provision of samples, mock-ups and 3D engineering through to production, delivery and installation
+ Integration of works (light system, AVIT)
+ Experienced after sales service







The original ideas and futuristic visions of designers and architects today call for an increasingly greater range of expertise, not least of all in the field of innovative technologies. We have long taken on this challenge. This means we are never satisfied with the options that the sector offers; we develop many components ourselves instead. This puts us in a position to deploy our own tools and special solutions exclusively for the project at hand. We keep our eyes open for innovative and ingenious ideas, which enable us to offer new solution approaches time and again.






As with every workpiece VEDDER creates, this bar cabinet has been meticulously engineered, crafted and manufactured by VEDDER’s team of experienced specialists.

The original design of this bar cabinet required a boat-shape frame covered with oak planking. VEDDER developed an ingenious method of veneer installation that optimised the finished cabinet‘s construction and stability instead. CNC milling technology was used to manufacture a rigid foam core, which was installed to provide a superior substructure for the precisely fitted oak veneer. In constructing a piece of furniture such as this, every detail needs to be precise, every measurement must be accurate to the millimetre - from the external design applied over the body shell and the construction of all built-in elements through to the cutting and installation of natural stone slabs, the lighting elements and the final installation on deck.
This cabinet opens to reveal the true genius of a VEDDER product: perfectly integrated built-in elements that create a comfortable, functional and charismatic piece of furniture.