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VEDDER is a globally active company specializing in unique
outfitting solutions for yachts, private jets and residences
such as villas, apartments, hotels and family offices.



What we offer:

+ Turnkey supply of bespoke interior outfitting solutions
+ Project management department providing personalised support at all stages
+ Consultancy services: tender process, design, general and  detailed engineering, materials and sampling/mock-ups
+ Sourcing of finest materials around the world
+ Solution-driven engineering expertise
+ Quality management - own research laboratory: material tests, feasibility studies
+ Traditional German craftsmanship combined with latest technologies and innovative materials
+ Equipment integration installation (light system, AVIT, HVAC)
+ Worldwide delivery and installation
+ Coordination of trades, suppliers and logistics
+ Supervision of construction and coordination of assembly
+ Experienced after sales service worldwide







Each project is something very special and unique - no matter if it is a hotel or high-end villa. Projects impress as individual, technically sophisticated works of art thanks to their exceptional aesthetics. Our clients’ design ideas, our passion for new challenges and our expertise gained as one of the leading interior outfitters enable us to create the bespoke interiors our clients long for. You need solution pioneers like VEDDER, who make the unique become reality, to handle the very complex process involved in creating interiors. In doing so, we always adhere very closely to design specifications, however challenging they may be, so that we will meet our clients‘ wishes.






Applying tools, skills and knowledge is integral to the success of the most challenging fit-out projects.

For each of our projects, we offer a dedicated team that will work with the client and all other parties involved to execute a unique, creative vision – from design, sourcing and engineering through to manufacturing, installation and after sales.
In particular, the high quality requirements, strict time schedules and diverse interests of partners, trades and other people involved call for a flexible, experienced project management team throughout the entire collaborative process. This team never loses sight of its overriding objective – to meet exactly the client‘s expectations at all times while meeting challenging deadlines and keeping within budgets.