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We are leading creators - interior goes exterior
by developing endless design possibilities.


What we offer:


+ Worldwide turnkey projects

  • Ceiling systems
  • Multifunctional furniture
  • Customised dining tables, seating lounges
  • Professional bar equipment
  • Outdoor cooking equipment
  • Open-air cinema

+ Exterior project management department providing personalised support at all stages
+ A dedicated contact person, one-to-one, throughout the entire process and even after delivery
+ Traditional German craftsmanship combined with the latest technologies and innovative materials
+ Quality management – own research laboratory: material tests, feasibility studies
+ Complete in-house process: from design, provision of samples, mock-ups and 3D engineering through to production, delivery and installation
+ Integration of works (light system, AVIT)
+ Experienced after sales service







A VEDDER exterior living space makes outdoor life just as luxurious as indoor living. VEDDER has a department dedicated exclusively to developing outdoor solutions. It ensures design requirements are met, feasibility studies and material tests are carefully performed and suitable samples are provided while maximizing comfort for the shipyard, owner and crew.
By selecting VEDDER, our customers choose an experienced team of experts who will transform their requirements into startling, beautiful solutions.






Our self-developed carbon fibre panels open up a new dimension and greater freedom for designers: the possibilities for ceiling and wall panels are now endless.

We are renowned for producing stunning ceiling and wall solutions and developing innovations that deliver a premium finish built to last.
VEDDER has invested in extensive research and development to produce a highly resistant material that can be fashioned into an array of shapes and finishes. This provides designers with a flexible, seawater-resistant panel system that allows unlimited scope for exterior ceiling and wall designs that would have been impossible to create before now. Panels can be manufactured in large volumes by simply producing a fibreglass cast. Thereby VEDDER can reduce production times and ensure consistency and quality. This ground-breaking solution appeals to discerning designers who seek an exceptional surface and structure portfolio.