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We are leading creators - interior goes exterior
by developing endless design possibilities.


What we offer:


+ Worldwide turnkey projects

  • Ceiling systems
  • Multifunctional furniture
  • Customised dining tables, seating lounges
  • Professional bar equipment
  • Outdoor cooking equipment
  • Open-air cinema

+ Exterior project management department providing personalised support at all stages
+ A dedicated contact person, one-to-one, throughout the entire process and even after delivery
+ Traditional German craftsmanship combined with the latest technologies and innovative materials
+ Quality management – own research laboratory: material tests, feasibility studies
+ Complete in-house process: from design, provision of samples, mock-ups and 3D engineering through to production, delivery and installation
+ Integration of works (light system, AVIT)
+ Experienced after sales service







Is it possible to top the sheer fascination of luxurious interiors in exterior living spaces? It is with concepts such as ours. We set the quality standards in the industry and often enjoy pioneer status. As in the yacht exterior ceilings developed by VEDDER itself. What’s more, we provide: delivery and assembly on site worldwide; an after sales service which will take on individual requests even after project completion.






It is the precision we bring to the smallest details that we use to deliver the biggest impact. Our ingenious duo exterior ceiling mounting system ensures assembly, disassembly, maintenance and cleaning are highly efficient.

From interior to exterior ceilings: we came to engineer this ingenious system because we first focused on the design, the shipyard and crew requirements.
The outcome is a modular system with a level of prefabrication unmatched by any ceiling construction to date. An advance in innovation that was due in no small part to the experience gained from producing thousands of square metres of interior ceilings. The benefits of our dual-layer ceiling system: the degree of prefabrication is exceptionally high; so high in fact that there is no need for the laborious, time-consuming task of fitting or adjusting panels. They interlock with the exactitude of precision clockwork. And for unparalleled ease of maintenance, each panel can be removed and fitted individually without any effort, creating a new standard of efficiency.