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VEDDER is a globally active company specializing in unique
outfitting solutions for yachts, private jets and residences
such as villas, apartments, hotels and family offices.



What we offer:

+ Turnkey supply of bespoke interior outfitting solutions
+ Project management department providing personalised support at all stages
+ Consultancy services: tender process, design, general and  detailed engineering, materials and sampling/mock-ups
+ Sourcing of finest materials around the world
+ Solution-driven engineering expertise
+ Quality management - own research laboratory: material tests, feasibility studies
+ Traditional German craftsmanship combined with latest technologies and innovative materials
+ Equipment integration installation (light system, AVIT, HVAC)
+ Worldwide delivery and installation
+ Coordination of trades, suppliers and logistics
+ Supervision of construction and coordination of assembly
+ Experienced after sales service worldwide







Being able to deliver everything from a single source worldwide is no coincidence. As a general contractor, we not only focus on in-house processes. Quite the opposite – we keep the overall picture in mind at all times and ensure a smooth process and harmonious, frictionless interaction with and between the participating external partners. We find compromises and create solutions to achieve our overriding objective – to impress our clients with bespoke interiors. Among other things, our tasks thus include, worldwide delivery and installation, coordination of trades, suppliers and logistics, supervision of construction, coordination of assembly and an experienced after sales team.






Experience you can trust.

Offsite manufacturing is the basis of our
installation process. VEDDER is renowned
for extensively preassembled modules, which
enable us to coordinate everything perfectly
in-house. This guarantees trouble-free
installation on site within an extremely short
period of time.
This is an important prerequisite and
guarantee for completing projects on time
and meeting our clients’ expectations of
the end result. Since on-site installation is
always a very delicate process, we take great
care when selecting our fitters. They are
extensively trained and our site managers
carefully coordinate their work and that
of others on site. You will also receive a
professional solution for unforeseeable
circumstances that may arise due to the
complex planning and construction process.
These are true pioneering solutions to the