The synergy of world-class partners

Group CEO Kevin Lewis welcomes you to Depa – Global Interior Solutions

The underlying reason why this group was formed and has grown together since 1996 is simple: to meet the demands of a market – which calls on us with always faster growing and more complex challenges – with a combined increase of skills. Joint intelligence that makes us one of the most capable high-end interior service providers of the world.

The Depa Group, based in Dubai, encompasses partners such as Vedder, Depa Interiors Group, Design Studio and Deco Group. Expert service providers that attend to high-end interiors for yachts, airplanes, hotels, furniture, fabrics, and design products in the luxury segment. Deep in our heart we regard ourselves as a manufacturer, supplier and interior fit-out company. We deliver sustainability, profitability and performance for our clients, shareholders and employees, and we fulfil this mission by embodying the values of transparency, integrity, accountability, professionalism and exceptional service.

With our know-how, our long-standing experience and our global competence network, we can guarantee customers all over the world the ultimately decisive factor: the assurance that everything works perfectly at the highest level.

For further information we invite you to visit the Depa website.

Yas Viceroy Hotel, Abu Dhabi

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